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Canadian Made Skis and Ski Gear

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Ski manufacturers tend to tweak their latest fleet to upgrade and innovate the newest technology for the next big thing. All the brands try to bring out something new every year and skiers are able to reap the benefits of skiing on faster, lighter, better equipment, and enjoy performance-improved clothing in the process.

From cross country to alpine, the skiers’ desires are being well-guarded by the companies over the years. Their creative efforts have resulted in an explosion of refined classic and new ski gear. Here, in this guide, you can have the insight of some of the best ski manufacturers in Canada, who have been prominent in the ski equipment industry.

Ski manufacturers in Canada

Kindred Snowboards

Kindred is a Canadian manufacturer that produces Bespoke and Limited Edition skis, snowboards, and split boards. They stared the brand way back in the year 2010 to pursue their passion for excellence not just to slide on the snow, but to enjoy the whole alpine experience.

Angie and Evan founded Kindred together. Every board and ski resembles an elegant blend of craftsmanship and art. The personalized marquetry top sheets come from certified wood species and the cores are build using cypress and fir from Vancouver Island. With modern techniques like CNC router and using composites like carbon fiber, basalt, and fiberglass, Kindred is one of the biggest ski brands in Canada.


Paranormal Skis

James Fisher founded Paranormal Skis in British Columbia, Canada. All the products relating to winter sports are meticulously handcrafted by using cutting edge designs, finest materials, and amazing artworks. Their skis have the ability to transcend your dreams and expectations in every possible and safe way.

James has been handcrafting the skis in his shop for about five years as of now. All his products are built from materials sourced from locally-grown poplar and birch. These are put together with the help of his CNC machine and custom press. His passion for natural surroundings is reflected in the acrylic and digital painting on the skis.


Foon Skis

Foon Skis are manufactured from materials sourced locally from the western Coast Mountains. The yellow cedar is an amazing kind of wood found along the pacific coast in higher elevations of the Coast Mountains. The amazing combination of lightweight yellow cedar and the durable big leaf maple produces a one-of-a-kind core built only to Foon.

Johnny Chilton, builder, and owner at Foon Skis have a deep liking for skiing and a big mountain skier. After 15 years of being a professional skier, Johnny founded Foon Skis in the year 2011. Each and every ski model is available in personalized carbon builds.


Thoroughbred Skis

Custom-built skis at Thoroughbred are engineered and designed to achieve top performance along with great appearances. At Thoroughbred, every aspect of a ski is tailored specifically to meet your needs, such as art, flex, rocker, sidecut, length, and so on. These skis are here to meet your demand.

The founder of Thoroughbred Ski, Dave Horsfield, has a history in this industry. He started his career as an instructor and rose to CSIA Level 3. The company was founded in 2015. Since then, the company is using flex profiles, intuitive unique shapes, and amazing designs to create remarkable skis.


Raccoon Skis

Have you ever recognized skiers when they are not skiing? Especially the raccoon-eye tan derived from wearing ski goggles. Now, that’s what inspired the founders of the company to give the Raccoon name. Founded way back in 2010 by four boarding and skiing enthusiasts, this ski company is a combination of passion and boldness.

Their skis are made of 100% maple wood, which provides power and fluidity. The founders believe in giving something back to the environment, and it inspires them to continue their journey along the way. Creating sustainable and pure skis intended for passionate skiers is their ambition. The company is very conscious of the environment.


Prior Snow

Prior started making ski and ski gear for over two decades. They make a variety of snowboards and skis in their factory in Whistler. They have products suitable for all-mountain, freestyle, powder, big mountain, alpine, free-ride, and split boards for both men and women. Also, they design snowboards and skis according to your wish.

The company produces different kinds of ski gear and accessories that are quite effective during winter sports. Now you can reach new heights with their snowboards and skis. All their ski models are handcrafted to give a sheer performance. They have the requisite knowledge to produce ski and snowboards for the elite and dedicated athletes.

Canada Goose

It is a Canadian company that manufactures winter clothing. Canada Goose was founded by Sam Tick in 1957. The company has a variety of clothing line that includes gloves, vests, jackets, shells, and other apparels. The sweaters are exceptionally crafted and designed with Merino wool.

This way, the warm apparels bridges the gap between outerwear and apparel to provide maximum comfort, warmth, and adaptability. Canada Goose is a popular brand in Canada and they have been operating in other parts of the world. The lightweight winter wear collection is designed to provide you with great comfort.


yDoc Snowboards

Every snowboard build by yDoc Snowboards is meticulously handcrafted. The top sheet, wood core, edge base, carbon fiber stringer, and impact-resistant sidewall are placed with the utmost care by giving importance to the specific details during its making. yDoc produces personalized snowboards with lots of options.

These may include customizable shapes and sizes, stiffness, graphics, carbon fiber material, and so on. The company experiments with newer shapes, cambers, sidecut radiuses, and profiles mixed with loads of flex patterns to create boards that can withstand a large variety of snow conditions. According to the company, snowboarding is not only a way of life but an integral part of life.

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The main reason for a successful winter sports season on the pistes comes down to selecting the best of ski gears and outside wear, striking the balance between high-performance, technology, and style. With lots of brands out there, where each one stands out from the others, choose the brand that suits your skiing styles and needs.