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Japanese Made Skis and Ski Gear

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You love whizzing past the mountains and enjoy the snowy view while skiing. Your love for the mountains and your enthusiasm for this extreme sport prompt you to go on skiing trips from time to time.

You know the importance of having safe ski gear that can help you brave the cold winds and maneuver through the snow. Many Japanese manufacturers have carved a name for themselves for producing good quality ski gears.

Many ski enthusiasts resort to Japanese equipment to guide them safely through the snow.

You might be looking forward to getting your own set of ski gears from a reputed brand.

This article will provide you with valuable information about Japanese brands that manufacture good quality ski products.

Japanese ski manufacturers

When it comes to producing ski boots, ski goggles, bindings, and other ski equipment, Japan houses some of the really amazing and reputed brands. These brands have their head offices in Japan and they proudly showcase the Made in Japan sentiment. Some of their production houses and dealership offices are spread across the globe.

This segment will give you a detailed insight into various Japanese ski manufacturers and a little bit about their history.

Ogasaka Ski

Ogasaka Ski has been a reputed name in the ski manufacturing segment for decades. It has been founded in the year 1912 and since the last 108 years, it has produced first-class ski gears some of which have been patented as well. Their motto is very simple and touches a chord with every skiing enthusiast. They tailor-make the equipment for every segment like children, middle-aged, experienced skiers, as well as beginners. They create gears for people to enjoy the thrill of skiing and not just to win competitions.

They have their offices spread across Japan in places like Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto to name a few. All of their top-notch ski equipment is manufactured in their factory situated in Nagano. Ogasaka manufactures its own core materials that make the skiing gears tough, durable, and long-lasting. This company has dealers from all across the globe like Canada, Switzerland, and the United States of America, to name a few.


ID One Ski

ID One Ski has earned a reputation for itself since its inception in the year 2000. They are adept at creating a distinctive set of gears for all types of ski lovers. Even the brand name, ID One has a unique and powerful message hidden within it. ID stands for Identity which encourages you to create your own path and One symbolize being numero uno. The idea behind the brand name is to inspire sportspersons to craft an exclusive identity where you are your own competition and you have to break your own record. They produce skiing equipment suitable for technical rides, free rides, mogul rides, as well as slow rides.

ID One Skis have been used by top athletes participating in Olympics Mogul Skiing. The durability and quality of their products like ski boots, bindings, and jackets, are vouched for by their talented customers. ID One is popularly known for its mogul ski offering. Look Pivot is one of the most preferred ski bindings created by this brand. When it comes to their ski boots, Full Tilt is one of the best and a favorite among skiers.

ID One has mentioned that they are a proudly Made in Japan brand. Their production houses, design teams, and factories are situated all across Japan. All the ski bindings, ski boards, boot designs are crafted by local Japanese artisans.


Roko Ski

The creation of Roko Ski has an interesting story behind it. A few decades ago, Ross Findlay settled in Niseko, Japan, and thought of making that place exciting. He founded the Niseko Adventure Center in the year 1995 where ski lovers can come and enjoy blazing through the snow. The success of this adventure center catapulted Findlay to his next idea- set up a ski manufacturing unit. Niseko was teeming with ski adventurers but there was no provision to offer them any ski equipment. Ross set up a ski manufacturing factory named Roko Ski in Kutchan, Niseko.

One of the unique features of Roko Ski is it produces beautifully designed ski boards, much to the delight of various adventurers. Roko has specially onboarded some top-notch designers to breathe life and beauty to the tough and durable ski boards. The creator, Ross Findlay, is proud of the fact that the manufacturing, art-work, assembling, designing is 100% Purely Done in Niseko. Starting from the assemblymen, instructors, and test riders, every worker is sourced locally from Kutchan. Roko Ski not only produces some of the finest specimens of ski boards designed beautifully but also promotes tourism and employment in Niseko.

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Tanabe Sports

Tanabe Sports is an old name in the ski gear manufacturing industry. Its inception can be dated back to the year 1964 when Tanabe set its shop in Osaka City, Japan. In the year 2020, this ski manufacturer celebrated its 56th foundation anniversary. Tanabe Sports has a massive ski shop sprawling across 4 floors with every floor catering to different ski equipment. The 1st floor houses a plethora of ski boards related to different segments like racing ski, mogul ski, mountain ski, and many more. You can even get your skis custom-made from Tanabe.

The 2nd floor boasts of having around 6000 pairs of ski boots so that you have no dearth of options. The 3rd floor consists of all the accessories that you might need from your mountainous ski trip. Starting from ski goggles, helmets, jackets, to name a few, this store is your one-stop destination to buy skiing stuff for your entire family. They produce most of the ski equipment in various parts of Japan and offer international shipping as well.

Other ski gear manufacturers in Japan

Some of the other well-known Japanese organizations that have brilliant expertise in crafting ski gears include:

  • Vector Glide
  • Kei Ski


This article has covered some of the branded names of Japanese manufacturers in the realm of ski gears. The craftsmanship, expertise, and various entrepreneurs have made it possible to house some of the best home-grown ski brands in Japan.