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Quick Release Ski Pole Strap – Leki Trigger S

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The Leki Trigger S ski poles came to the market way back in 2007. It is not that hard to admire the utility of a ski pole. They serve many purposes, from assisting you to set rhythmic turns, to propelling you across flat stretches of trail, to having crutch and lean on in lift lines.

In short, Leki Trigger S is awesome. The system locks your ski gloves to the ski poles in a similar way like that of a ski binding. This way, you can have a confident grip on the poles, less fatiguing, and secure. All you need is a Leki Trigger S ski pole, and either a Trigger S strap or Trigger S ski glove.

Off piste with Leki Trigger S with quick release ski pole strap

To engage the system, you have to pull the loop down to the slot. With a click, your pole and glove will connect. To quick release, push down the button with your thumb present on the topmost part of the pole. This removes your hand from the ski pole. Continue reading the article to learn more about it.

About the company

Karl Lenhart founded the Leki Lenhart GmbH in the year 1984 in Germany. During the initial phase, Lenhart used to design a logo on wood intended for butchers and bakeries. Being a passionate skier himself, Lenhart wasn’t satisfied with the functionality and quality of the ski poles produce at that time.

This was the beginning of something different that would revolutionize the ski business. With all his expertise, he decided to lay his hands on the production of pole handles and plates. He has massive experience with different types of raw materials like aluminum and many more.

Lenhart started to produce ski poles from these materials. He formed a company and entered the market under the brand name Leki. As time went through, Lenhart focused on the production of alpine ski poles and cross-country ski poles. Now let’s have a look at the features of this wonderful ski pole.

Features of Leki Trigger S ski poles

With an integrated security system specifically built for speed, the Leki Trigger S ski poles meet the needs of professional skiers. Here are the features of this simple and easy to use a pole.

  • Lightweight carbon fiber shafts provide smooth swing and allow quick movements
  • With Trigger S straps, you feel that the poles are an extension of your arms. After clicked in, the strap firmly supports your hand
  • The straps have small tear-proof loops that can be attached and detached with ease. It works great for fast transitions from the lodge to lift
  • The Trigger S grip consists of a spring released mechanism that provides a quick release for convenience. It protects your shoulders and arms during falls
  • When your poles are snagged, the automatic release system of the Trigger S comes to play. It releases you efficiently and quickly
  • Trigger S grip provides maximum control by its 4 finger notch system along with a sleek design
  • Carbide tips present on the poles provide superb grip even in cold icy conditions
  • Airfoil shape cuts through the air when you progress on speed
  • High-polish protects the Trigger S from dings and cuts

The different parts of Leki Trigger S ski pole

These poles are the ultimate choice for all skiers. They are crazy comfortable, pack incredibly small, strong, and super adjustable. On top of that, they are easy to assemble, super quick to open, or breakdown. With the SpeedLock 2 mechanism, everything goes with a smooth touch.

SpeedLock 2 is lighter, smaller and provides extra clamping force compared to the original SpeedLock system used earlier. The finishing touches of this amazing ski pole consist of the interchangeable basket options and Trigger S system. Now you can have a wonderful time skiing with this pole.


With a variety of shapes and materials available, choosing the right ski pole most often ends in personal preference, and how fine the grip fits on your hands. The grip materials comprise of rubber and plastic in almost every ski pole grips.

That’s because these materials can’t absorb moisture. Rubber is the most comfortable among them, and the same has been used in the Leki poles. The high-density rubber increases hand comfort. The grips have a spring-loaded mechanism that is responsible for a smooth release.

This way, it helps you protect your shoulders and arms when you have a rough fall. The power grip in these poles is helpful for skiers who tour in varied terrain. Trigger S grip has a slim design and provides maximum control with its four-finger notch system.


Equipped with the task of keeping the ski poles wrapped around the hands, the straps are made with nylon webbing. This high-end model has padding, which is perfect for downhill skiers, or people who wear thin gloves.

You’ll find a unique strap technology in the Trigger S system. If you are tired of the constant and sometimes inconvenient process of taking the ski straps on and off during lift line, worry no more. Leki’s straps stay around your wrists, and they can be connected to the poles through a small fabric loop.

A gentle push from the topmost part of the pole allows you to release the straps attached to the ski pole. During a crash, the poles disconnect from your wrists with the help of upward pressure. You can find this safety feature on other premium products on the market.

Leki Trigger S straps are very simple and easy to use after you get hold of the mechanism. It is a handy system, although you may question if everything is necessary. Some people will enjoy the simplicity of the product including the safety features.


Every ski poles have a circular basket made of plastic material attached near the bottom part to keep the ski pole from sinking deep into the snow. These baskets are available in several circumferences. But, they have been further classified into two categories: standard and powder.

Powder baskets have a larger surface area and keep the poles from sinking when you plant in the snow. Standard baskets, on the other hand, are equipped on downhill-focused poles. They are called groomer or hardpack baskets and have a smaller diameter.

Leki Trigger S ski poles come with both powder and standard baskets. Hence, select the one that suits your needs. If the ski area receives much snow or you may think of strolling on the snow, a ski pole with replaceable baskets is what you need.

The technical aspect of the Trigger S system

Safety is of utmost priority in Leki. For this very reason, the company has created the all-new safety binding feature in their ski poles and named it the Trigger S system. The term stands for the quickest and simplest handling combined with a security system in worse case scenarios.

The ski poles have a long spring system that has constant and absolute release values when it gets pulled upwards. A small ring-like opening designed with a tear-resistant material is what connects the handle and the loop.

The best combination of comfort and safety is what you see in the Trigger S stick and glove. In a nutshell, the Leki Trigger S system provides maximum safety features, best power transmission, and perfect comfort.

What are the safety features present on the Leki ski poles?

Committed to safety, the company has focused its ambitions on the basis of technical and comfort advancement. This way, Leki provides the highest safety measures equipped in their ski poles. Millions of people head over to the winter sports holiday every year.

With skiing’s over increasing popularity, more and more people are competing for positions on the same runs. As such, there are more chances for accidents. That means thousands of people can get injured this year too on the slopes. This is what makes Leki more concerned about the accidents.

One of the most common injuries you’ll get to know is the Skiers Thumb. Several reports have shown that this common injury accounts for about 5% of the total number of skiing related accidents. The injury happens on the strong ligament that holds the thumb while gripping or pinching.

It can occur when a skier falls down on the snow with their thumb stretched, too. The injury may happen when you are holding on something, like ski pole in this case. Being able to release the poles at this critical time can minimize fall injuries.

Leki is the first brand that has an in-built patented safety release system. Trigger S system refers to the combination of ski poles and gloves. The Trigger Loop integrated to each glove clicks into the ski pole and provides outstanding comfort along with maximum security.

In short, the complete strap is built inside the glove. A small loop of tear-resistant and flexible material comes out of the opening between forefinger and thumb in the glove’s palm. Your hands are attached to the poles through the innovative Trigger S system.

But, that doesn’t mean you would be stuck with the poles attached to your hand in case you fall flat on your back while maneuvering on the snow. The Trigger system is very intuitive because it releases the safety spring under such circumstances.

The safety spring release feature activates under a heavy tensile load. It releases the strap upwards and frees you from the ski poles. Such safety features are rarely available on the premium models that you can find on the market. The company is popular for its innovative design and safety features in their products.

Trigger S system in Leki ski poles

In general, you can distinguish between the two options available with the company. In one option you get the cover loop, and on another one, you would get them on the gloves itself. Leki provides a type of cover loop that can fit on an ordinary glove and doesn’t have to be one from Leki.

The company does combine Leki gloves with Trigger S technology along with Trigger S sticks for attaining maximum safety and comfort. Leki equips an adjustable loop that has a wide contact surface along with perfect fittings that can securely enclose your hand.

The hanging band holds the stick in a safe grip in your hand even if the handle loses, or you let it go. The combination of the loops and the gloves is quite simple. The loop is pulled over the glove and remains there until the use is over.

While the loop is on, you have to tighten it with Velcro fastener, and sits tight. You can adjust the position of the loop according to your likes by using an elastic band between the forefingers and thumb. Both horizontal and center band serves as an attachment.

What makes the Leki gloves special?

The great feature of the Leki gloves is that they are equipped with the innovative Trigger S system that allows you to quickly click on and off your pole grip. It reduces the risk of being injured as a result of a pull from the glove during a rough fall.

There is no need for an additional cover loop on the gloves. The company has integrated the Trigger Loop into the glove and tailored it to the system. The entire loop is installed in the gloves. Only a small opening made of a tear-resistant and flexible material is used on the palm between the thumb and forefingers.

Powerframe is tuned so as to fit in all sizes, supports stability, and makes sure that there is an even distribution of power on the entire glove. The collection of Leki gloves includes an entire range of models that feature different styles intended for comfort and racing skiers and finger gloves.


Leki Trigger S system is a wonderful creation. The system locks your ski gloves to the ski poles and ensures a confident grip on the poles all the time while skiing. All you need is a Leki Trigger S ski pole and either a Trigger S strap or a Trigger S glove. Leki provides the highest possible safety measures that can’t be found on other traditional ski poles.