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What Happens to Ski Resorts in The Summer? – Summer Activities

  • Filip 

Skiing is often considered a winter sport. We head out on the snow to glide or stumble our way down to the bottom of the slope. Then we warm up beside the fire with a hot chocolate. Besides, it is literally a Winter Olympic sport. This leads to the assumption that we should only head to ski resorts in the winter months. So, what happens to ski resorts in the summer?

Our idea of skiing as a seasonal affair is actually a little misguided. Many of us that might love the slopes and the locations may end up missing out if we don’t head there in the summer. There are lots of top resorts that make their money by appealing to clientele all year round. They know how to adapt and create fun experiences for guests.

What can you do at a ski resort in the summer?

Depending on the resort and area, you could have a brilliant vacation by indulging in any of the following activities. Options will vary depending on the resort, so always do your research.

Summer skiing

Skiing isn’t necessarily a winter pastime.

We assume that skiing is purely for the winter because that is when it snows. Granted, many of the best ski resorts across the world lose their biggest and best runs as the weather gets warmer. With time, the amount of snow that melts will only increase. But, for now, there are still high mountainous areas that retain some snow in the summer. So, why not book a trip, ride the ski lift to those white peaks, and enjoy the summertime vista.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking trails make good use of the snow-free ground.

You might not be able to ride down the side of a mountain for an adrenaline rush on your skis or snowboard next summer. But, you could enjoy the same landscape from a different perspective. Many resorts use this time of year to promote mountain biking as a top activity. The best will map out different courses based on difficultly, much like skiing. You can hire a bike and pick a trail that works for your ability level. This is a great idea for those that got into mountain biking recently and crave a challenge.

Nature hikes

Nature hikes come alive in the summer.

The change in the landscape in the summer months also means there is more activity from local wildlife. A ski resort in summer could be the perfect place to go and take a long hike and discover nature. You can do this abroad at a resort you know well, which offers a new opportunity to see a different side of the area. Or, maybe you are a nature geek looking for a great place to learn more about native wildlife – with the added bonus of a lodge and other great facilities nearby. Just remember to stick to the routes and respect what you find.

Horse riding

Horse riding gives a new perspective and a more leisurely approach.

If hiking and mountain biking seems like too much hard work on your legs, perhaps there is an opportunity to take a ride on a horse. Treks on horseback through these wild regions are a great way to see the landscape through a natural guided tour. Previous experience with horses will be a bonus here, but the resort should have experienced guides to help first-time riders out. You can see the resort from a new perspective and make a new equine friend in the process.

Water sports

Water sports are the perfect way to cool off in the hotter months.

There is a good chance that the resort you love, or somewhere you want to try, has a body of water. It could be quite a substantial lake. But, the cold winter probably saw it freeze over. You might have had a chance to skate there or just enjoy the view. Now, you have the chance to really make the most of the water. Activities will vary depending on facilities and rules. But, you might be able to rent a boat and/or water sports equipment. You might just have fun swimming in the water and thinking back to when it was a frozen mass.

Relaxation retreats

Relaxation retreats could give you a well-deserved rest.

Then there are the ski resorts in summer that focus on a different type of guest. Some take the chance to welcome those that need a break from the busy world. You can enjoy some quiet time in the mountains. This could be a dedicated relaxation retreat with set activities for yoga and meditation across the week. Or, they may simply provide the space and classes for you to give it a try. It is a nice contrast to the way we tend to use these resorts in the height of the holiday season.

Great accommodation and facilities

Don’t forget that you still get access to all the same facilities and great accommodation.

Staying at these top ski resorts in winter is often just as much about the luxury treatments, accommodation, and facilities as the sport. You might spend plenty of time drinking at the bar, indulging in a spa, eating fine food at the restaurant, and sleeping it all off in a high-end lodge. These facilities aren’t necessarily going to shut down in summer. You can still get a great experience and pamper yourself. Just make sure to check what is available before you book.

Consider a trip to a ski resort for your next summer holiday

What happens to ski resorts in the summer? The simple answer is that they transform into something equally as beautiful, luxurious, and interesting. You can enjoy a brilliant family holiday in a ski resort in summer with plenty of activities to enjoy. Take a look at what your favorite resort can offer or check out somewhere new. You are sure to see the landscape from a whole new perspective, learn new skills, and have a lot of fun.