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Is Skiing Safer Than Snowboarding

  • Filip 

Skiing is considered safer and easier than snowboarding. Ski bindings have a safety mechanism which will release the skis from the skier in case of an accident. It is easier to maintain balance on skis both because you have two skis and because you have ski poles helping you keep the balance.

Skier safetly going down the slope

Skiing and Snowboarding are two of the most popular adventure sports all over the world. They are very thrilling and make winters more fun and memorable. However, both skiing and snowboarding have some similarities but the main question is which one is safer. Well, if you don’t use the right methods and techniques, then both can be very dangerous but in general, skiing is safer than snowboarding.

According to different surveys, snowboarders are 40% to 50% more likely to get injured in comparison to skiers. Apart from snowboarding, skiing is also safer than other high energy activities, which makes it a better adventure sport for beginners.

Comparing The Risk Between Skiing And Snowboarding

Though it indeed true that both skiing and snowboarding are very risky sports and even a single wrong move can cause severe injuries but generally snowboarders are more likely to get terrain park injuries. According to studies, the injury rate is 5-15 injuries per 1000 snowboarding days and 3 injuries per 1000 skiing days. So if you look at these stats, then it clearly means that if you perform ski 20 days/year, then on average, you will get injure every 15 to 17 years, which is lower than snowboarding.

Now that doesn’t mean skiing is completely safe and if you don’t take precautions, then it can be fatal. But if you go with the stats, then every year only a few people die while skiing, that’s why skiing is considered safe if you take precautions.

Why Is Skiing Better Than Snowboarding

Now if you analyze the risks in both activities, then you will see that skiing is slightly better than snowboarding, especially for beginners. So to help you do better analysis, here are some reasons why is skiing better than snowboarding:

Easier To Learn

One of the main reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding is that it is easier to learn. Unlike snowboarding, you can use your legs more effectively to balance yourself, which reduces the chance of heavy falls. Apart from this, you will have to spend more time getting familiar with snowboards, whereas skis are very convenient to wear and more comfortable. However, you will have to put more effort to master the art of skiing but if you just want to have fun, then there is no better adventure sport than skiing.

Cooler Looking Tricks

Skiing tricks look much cooler than snowboarding. As compared to other snow riding sports, you can try different kinds of tricks while skiing. There are many options available and the good thing is that you can learn them very quickly if you put some effort. On the other hand, snowboards limit you in many ways. You can just spin or flip them, which can be boring. Apart from this, skiers are more fun to watch as they perform different moves.

Less Damaging Falls

As mentioned above that skiing is safer than snowboarding and even if you fall while skiing, the damage will be less, which is another reason why skiing is better than snowboarding. While skiing, you have more control and you can easily stabilize your body. So in case, if you lose balance, then you can save yourself from violent falls. Apart from this, when a skier falls, their gear comes off and that’s it. But in the case of a snowboarder, it’s very difficult to open the straps, which results in continuous flipping on the back over and over again. That’s why most snowboarders get more wrist and back injuries than skiers.

No Colder Butt

When it comes to comfort and convenience, skiing is no doubt superior to snowboarding. For example- when you wear snowboards, you have to sit more time on your butt on the snow. On the other hand, skiers never have to sit on snow, which keeps their bodies warm. Apart from this, wearing and removing snowboards can be also difficult, so in case, if you have to wait for someone, you can’t remove them easily. And if you want to rest, then you will have to sit on the snow.

Beginner Safety Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are more inclined towards skiing or snowboarding, you should take safety measures to keep yourself safe. So here are some beginners’ tips that you must follow:

  • Wear a helmet- Both snowboarding and skiing can be very dangerous and you never know what might happen. That’s why you should always wear a helmet, so even if you fall, your head stays protected. Check the helmet properly and make sure it is not damaged or too old. Read more about how long a ski helmet last and when to replace it
  • Prepare for the weather- To keep yourself, you should always plan properly. Check the weather and wear warmer clothes. Layer your body with different accessories like gloves, headbands, etc. These things will keep you warm even if the temperature is very low
  • Wear goggles or ski sunglasses along with a helmet, wear a well-fitted goggle to see everything clearly. This will help you identify objects from a longer distance, so you can easily avoid them and save yourself from accidents.
  • Use proper equipment- You should always wear proper equipment before going skiing. Be careful when borrowing someone else’s equipment as it can lead to accidents, instead it’s better to rent everything from a ski shop. Also, adjust your bindings properly and wear well-fitted ski boots and make sure they are in good condition. Read more about how long ski boots last and when to replace them


Skiing and Snowboarding are loved by a lot of adventure enthusiasts and they both have their own place in the world of adventure sports. Though it totally depends on your choice which one you want to do but if you are a beginner and don’t have any experience, then skiing is a safer option. Apart from this, skiing is also easier to learn than snowboarding and if you practice the basics, then you can do it easily.

The only suggestion is that before trying any sports activity, you should prepare well, both mentally and physically. Choose a good trainer and take all the precautions to keep yourself safe. Hope this article will solve some of your queries and provide you some valuable information.